On the foundation of Love, Flow endeavors to support communities and individuals in their quest for unity through the sharing of the Loving Elements present in our Water, Yoga and Life applications.


Water is Life and 75% of your body’s composition is Water…

With toxic and polluted environments, we understand that it is hard to find drinking water in the greater Los Angeles Area that you can trust. In fact, the water running through the pipers contains harmful and chlorine—two elements scientifically correlated with chronic health problems.

Even other water purification companies come up short as composition analyses frequently reveal impurities of five to seven parts per million (ppm).   Flow Water goes beyond that with our double reverse osmosis system, testing close to zero ppm.

If you are looking to boost the gains you’ve made with your mind, body, and spirit, we also offer Alkaline Water and Flow Energized Water. With crystals and minerals, both are specifically designed to help you recover and attain optimum clarity.   You work hard to purify your life. Make Flow Water a fundamental part of it.


We offer a blend of gentle, slower classes as well as challenging, advanced classes. Also stay tuned for beginner workshops.

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In today’s hustle and bustle where stress is high and demands are off the charts, we offer to our Flow Family a Mindfulness Workshop:  THE LIFE JOURNEY GUIDE.  Join us weekly on Tuesdays from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.  Facilitator, Leonardo H Ramil, addresses your everyday challenges and sets your mind in right-alignment to attaining your optimal Peace and Joy.


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