Flow Life HB is an oasis of health and mindfulness nestled in the heart of Huntington Beach, California.

To “flow” is to move forward with effortless grace, and Flow Life HB gives you the tools, nourishment, and support to maximize your potential and optimize your wellbeing.

We offer double-reverse-osmosis alkaline water, beginner-to-advanced level hot yoga classes, and a rotating selection of health and wellness seminars to cultivate and harmonize your mind-body-community connection.


Flow Life HB is more than the sum of its parts. It’s more than an alkaline water store. It’s more than a hot yoga studio. It’s more than a center for wellness seminars.

Flow Life HB is a state of mind. It’s a journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s a community where everybody knows your name.

Experience your breakthrough. Achieve your balance. Find your Flow.


The story of Flow Life is a story of teamwork, and that team is Leonardo H. Ramil, Matt Pearson, Mark Scarlatelli, and Sarina Carmona.

Leonardo is a mindfulness instructor who gives pupils an enlightened pathway through the daily challenges of consciousness. He’s the creator of The Life Journey Guide and a facilitator of A Course in Miracles. Outside of his work with Flow, Leo is a graduate of USC and a serial entrepreneur who’s successfully launched a number of health-minded business ventures, including Advanced Sports Nutrition, Culinary Wraps, and Blue Mountain Bagel Company.

Matt is an experienced yoga instructor who provides his students with the tools and the space to break through and seize their full life potential. He began teaching yoga in 2013, when he was 200-hour certified, and has since finished a 300-hour training at Wanderlust Hollywood under Noah Maze. He’s also shared his skills with other teachers, having led more than a dozen 200-hour yoga trainings and several continuing education programs. He recently became a Functional Range Conditions (FRC) Mobility Specialist, and is a level-one Kinstretch instructor, giving him even more tools to draw from in helping his students achieve breakthrough.

Mark and Sarina have been designing and renovating homes for over a decade, and are passionate about turning a blank canvas into warm home that can foster and nurture a family. They developed an interest and passion for water of a higher quality when a family member fell ill, and the doctor’s first question was whether or not she was drinking alkaline water.

All four founders met while renovating houses, and spent years working together to transform real estate properties into warm and beautiful homes. They decided to set their sights on a larger goal, and build a center for healthy living that an entire community could call home.

They called it Flow Life.